Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sue Scheff on 20/20 ABC News i-Caught

20/20 ABC News i-Caught producer and their staff was fantastic! I just wanted to send out an extra thank you to all of them for all their kindness and professionalism!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sue Scheff continuing to help others...

Since my appearance on 20/20 ABC News i-Caught earlier in August, I have been contacted by many people that are victims of Internet Abuse.

When 20/20 first contacted me, I had my reservations, since I knew that the people that want to continue to slander me would escalate again with their malicious posts- as they did after the airing, but in the long run, being a voice for so many others that can't speak up has been rewarding.

From the professional photographer that has one disgruntled bride after years of an impeccable reputation for high end weddings, to a house wife that was being attacked by other jealous neighbors and postings of the most horrific acts that were completely false. In today's Internet World, the stroke of a key has become too easy to destroy others for no reason other than hate and malice.

Speaking out has given me the opportunity to have others learn from what steps I have taken as well as learning from my mistakes.

Sure, I am still being abused online, but fortunately most people can see through the vendetta's and vindictiveness.

After appearing in major media outlets, all have done their due diligent back ground on my situation, I am continuing be a voice for those that are silenced and scared.